Our Background

We’ve been on this journey since the early ’90’s. It’s taken us through numerous roles in a wide variety of organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. We’ve worked with all sorts, from mega multi-nationals to one-man bands, public and private sectors, and across all sorts of industries.

The common theme for this journey is PEOPLE. How to help people to behave in alignment with their organisations strategy, and for these same people to achieve personal fulfilment as well as high job performance.

In simple terms we help leaders and managers become GoodBosses, because the Boss creates the environment that enables people to achieve fulfilment and performance while aligning their behaviour with strategy.

Harry Fox

BCom Agr. MBA

Hi I’m Harry.

My journey in management consulting really started in my early 30’s after the initial part of my career in horticulture. I had a business development role with what was then the Ministry of Agriculture Advisory Services Division. This science extension service was being commercialised and ultimately became Agriculture New Zealand, a fully commercial consulting business. We accessed the Counsellor Salesperson programme from Wilson Learning Worldwide and I was trained and accredited to deliver this for our people. Through this experience I became aware of the potential to use learning and development as a tool to help people think differently and re-purpose their existing skills. Through this experience I developed the concept of “Helping Organisations Align Behaviour with Strategy” and a passion for the role of management consultant.

From there it’s been a varied journey. I went back to the University of Canterbury in 1994 and completed a full-time MBA programme. In 1998 I moved to Sydney and spent eleven years there with two blocks of three years with Wilson Learning and two General Manager roles. I returned to NZ in 2009 in time for the Christchurch earthquakes and after a period with NZIM Southern I established Fox Management Solutions Ltd in 2012.

On the personal front I’ve been on a journey of change for the past few years. My relationship with Marie has focused me on improving my health and wellness and making sure I have the balance I need to enjoy all aspects of my life. I’ve discovered swimming and kayaking and even take the odd bike ride. Our property at French Farm makes it easy to maintain these routines when we’re not traveling and the garden and house regeneration programme provides tangible and hands on projects that balance the often intangible professional work we do.

Marie Fox

BSc (Vet.Sci) BVM&S

Hello – I’m Marie

I recently joined Fox Management Solutions Ltd as a Management Consultant which is a significant change from my work as a veterinarian. I’ve arrived at this phase of my career via some interesting, varied and challenging pathways. Along the way I’ve discovered and unfurled a passion for working with people and making a difference to both individuals and the organisations they work for or belong to. It is the desire to extend this passion that has led me to my new role.

At a very young age I fell in love with the idea of becoming a Veterinarian, a “James Herriot”. Through the years of study, the romantic ideal gradually transformed into an appreciation of the rigorous scientific approach and wide range of roles that veterinarians perform.

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 1990 I taught veterinary students and researched Equine Grass Sickness disease. This was followed by several years in clinical veterinary practice in the heart of the Scottish Borders. In 1998, after child number two arrived, I became an official veterinarian within the UK meat industry. This work involves verifying and certifying compliance with both animal welfare and food safety standards in meat processing plants.

2005 hailed a change of scenery when we emigrated to Invercargill, New Zealand with four small children in tow and joined the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI, previously NZFSA). The positions that I have held with MPI (from frontline Meat Industry vet to regional and national leadership roles) have provided me with a wealth of experience across a broad range of people and businesses. I’ve been able to take up many opportunities to grow and develop myself as a people leader.

While my technical expertise has been in verification, navigating the regulatory environment, strategy, management, food safety, animal health and welfare, I’ve found that these are all rely on people doing the right things for the right reasons. As a result, I’ve developed a passion for inspiring and influencing people to become more aware of themselves, and those around them, thus enabling them with the skills and tools to develop fulfilling and productive working relationships.

I’m mother to four awesome (grown up) children and wife to Harry. My youngest son, Lachlann, died tragically three years ago aged 14. For me a healthy body and a healthy mind are paramount to be effective both in the workplace and at home. Over the years I have competed in running and cycling. I once even survived a half ironman, but that is not an experience I want to repeat in a hurry! I have a keen interest in public speaking, creative writing and any form of verbal art. My favourite outdoor activities are now kayaking, ocean swimming and vegetable gardening with Harry at our home at French Farm on Banks Peninsula.

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