We work with you to develop solutions that work for you, not the other way around

We help organisations align behaviour with strategy and individuals achieve performance with fulfilment.


Tools we use

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Understanding and Creating Context


The key to getting a good outcome is making sure we work on the right problem. Sometimes the problem can be quickly identified and solutions provided. Other times we need to investigate and work with you and your people to work out what’s really going on. Either way our purpose is to build a shared agreement about the problem and to develop a solution that is right for you and your organisation.

When it comes to solutions, whatever these might be, we create context for people involved. This means that they understand what is being done and why. This clarity helps build trust and commitment to the process and the outcomes.

Tailored Delivery


When it comes to delivery we tailor the solution so that it works for you. This includes the content of the material, the activities and the facilitation so that they fit the audience and connect the new ideas and skills with their existing work and knowledge.

While changed behaviour is part of everything we do, we know that most of what people are already doing is great, and that it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Supporting Application


Behavioural change is not achieved by attending workshops. It’s what happens back on the job that really matters. Our solutions address this by helping bosses play their part in supporting change, and where appropriate working with individuals to coach and reinforce the application of new skills.

We want to make ourselves redundant! Our desire is to transfer the skills and tools that we bring to you so that you and your people can continue to use them in sustainable and productive ways.

What our clients say