GoodBoss and Business Development Workshops

On this page we present some of the suite of development workshops, assessments, profiles and other resources that we regularly use with clients. However we are not a “training” business as such, and so we don’t actively promote these as stand alone solutions. We use these tools to help organisations align behaviour with strategy and individuals achieve performance with fulfilment.

You’ll find we often ask: “What would a Good Boss do or say?” It’s remarkable how consistent the answers to the question are. People know what they want and how they should be treated. So why is it unusual to hear people say “That’s how my Boss behaves“?

Our GoodBoss development programmes are designed to help good bosses be better bosses. We talk about “Boss” because this covers both the leader and manager roles that are essential to organisational success and effectiveness. We talk about “Good” because there are better ways to perform this role. When it’s done well a GoodBoss makes a huge contribution to performance and fulfilment.

Working with Different People - Tracom Social Style and Versatility

This touches Everything we do

We all know that people are different. We think differently, prioritise differently and act differently. Difference itself isn’t necessarily a problem, but it can be a major source of interpersonal tension. When we get under pressure our differences get in the way of productive relationships.

We use Social Styles as a key tool to help us and our clients understand interpersonal difference and what needs to be done to increase productivity. Versatility is the skill of adjusting to work more effectively with people of different Social Styles.

Tracom Social Style Profiles and resources give us access to world class, valid, reliable and proven tools that help you get better results with your people quicker and easier.

Do I Lead or Manage? - Achieving Performance with Fulfilment


Performance is about getting business results and outcomes and the way this is done so it includes things like conduct. Fulfilment is about the person, the sense of satisfaction and engagement they get from their work and their work environment. Both are important and research confirms that higher fulfilment directly contributes to higher performance.

We talk about Bosses because this captures both the management and leadership roles. GoodBosses manage Performance and Lead Fulfilment. The Achieving Performance with Fulfilment workshop provides a practical guide for evaluating what a Boss needs to do with their worker, and how to do it.

Getting the best from your people - GoodBoss Coaching


Most bosses get promoted into their boss role because they were great at getting results and solving problems. When their people come to them with problems or questions, too often they apply that expertise and give answers or direct solutions and call this “coaching”.

Our GoodBoss Coaching workshop unravels the role of Coach and explores when coaching is the right approach to take, and when it’s not. It provides a clear framework for how to coach in different situations, and the opportunity to practice and apply this process.

Getting Good Outcomes - Negotiating With Integrity

GoodBoss and Business Development

How do you make sure you get the results you need for you, your team and your organisation while protecting the relationships that you need to make the solution work? How do you protect your margins without upsetting your customers or suppliers? How do you get the resources you need from your colleagues without alienating their support? How do you decide who gets the prize when there is only one, and sharing won’t work?

Our Negotiating With Integrity workshop draws on the Principled Negotiation approach developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project and published by Roger Fisher and William Ury in their best seller Getting to Yes. We unpack these concepts to provide a clear, practical approach to negotiating Win-Win outcomes.

Our tailored approach to working with you means that we can integrate the characteristics of of your situation into this programme. Your people bring their real negotiation cases to the workshop and use these to apply the approach. This connect theory with reality and assists your people apply the process in practice.

Business Development or Helping People Buy (or buy-in) - Win-Win Selling

GoodBoss and Business Development

Wilson Learning’s Counsellor Salesperson workshop is where Harry started his management consulting career and he’s integrated these concepts and practices into every aspect of our practice. This is the way we work with clients and the way we practice consulting.

Our Win-Win Selling workshop uses the Win-Win Selling book as a text and integrates Social Style with applications tailored for your business situation. This provide a robust and repeatable sales and business development method that helps customers buy, rather than selling to them.

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