Walking has replaced our daily swim or kayak over the last few weeks, helping us on our campaign to keep healthy and happy during lockdown.

Last nights walk took us along French Farm harbour and we were treated to a glorious sunset with the fading evening sunlight on the hills above Akaroa and stunning reflections of the boats in the still, clear water.

Looking at these reflections in the water reminded us about some of the elements of our coaching process that our clients really value.

We encourage them to take a moment and reflect by asking them open questions about their day, a situation at work or about a relationship with a customer. “what worked well, and what didn’t work so well?” “what have you learned from this?” and “what might you do differently next time?”

 Reflection is a powerful tool to use when stuff feels to hard or too confronting. The clients we work with are amazing – they have the knowledge and the solutions within themselves; they just can’t always access them. Reflection, through careful questioning and listening gives them space and time to think, enabling them to work their way through the roadblocks.

Take a moment to look at the photo and observe the clarity of the boat reflected in the water.Clarity is going to be an essential element for us all transitioning out of these COVID times.

Take the time to reflect.

Take the time to ask the questions.

Take the time to listen.

It will be time well spent.

And most importantly – look after yourself and be kind.