Old habits die hard, new ones require nurturing

It is generally accepted that high performers in all fields do better when they have a coach. In sport this almost goes without saying. Coaching results in improved performance because it addresses the issue of objectivity and subjectivity. By definition, none of us are able to be objective about our own situation. Our emotions, feelings and fears all cause us to view ourselves, and our world, through a subjective filter that can impede our actions.

Coaching allows the coachee to talk through their challenges with someone who is not part of the issue or the outcome. An effective coach will challenge, reflect and focus their coachee to generate clarity and a much higher level of objectivity. As a result, the coachee becomes more focused on their goals and more able to take the actions required to achieve those goals.

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  • Coaching senior managers and owners
  • Coaching individuals with high value/potential
  • Coaching to put GoodBoss development into practice

Coaching senior managers and business owners

It can be lonely at the top so senior managers and business owners can get quite isolated. They face decisions that impact the lives of many people and can feel unable to share their thinking and concerns inside the organisation. Their own bosses or stakeholders have their own interests, and who wants to tell your boss you’re not sure what the best option is?

Remember, leaders are people too. Many decisions they face bring personal consequences for them as well. And they have their families and their own career interests to look after as well.

The coach provides a safe opportunity to explore conflicting options and ideas, challenge assumptions and clarify priorities. The coach is on your side, but not in your way. His/her interest is your success and helping you make the right decisions for you.

Coaching individuals with high value/potential

Your people with high current or potential value for the organisation will likely already have many of the skills and abilities they need. When their progress or ability to leverage these skills becomes limiting, the question becomes how to best assist and encourage their growth. Often at this stage of their careers, group training is either unsuitable or not available. One option is a personalised programme of development, tailored to their specific needs and challenges. This is where Coaching come into play.

Some of the reasons our clients provide coaching support for their people:

  • Accelerating growth
  • Taking the rough edges off
  • Guiding development for management and leadership roles
  • Keeping them on track – accountability
  • Rewarding performance or potential

Coaching to put GoodBoss development into practice

Our GoodBoss development workshops are designed to engage your people’s desire to change and to help them find their reasons for change. They take your people down the dual pathways of knowing and doing.

However the doing bit is often easier said than done, and old habits die hard and new ones need nurturing.

Our application coaching helps your people turn new ideas and approaches into habits. Usually it’s a short term process over 4-8 weeks, but the small additional investment pays great dividends as your people build habits that help them align their behaviour to the organisations strategy.

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